Vignette Research App
I was approached by RUHF (Research Unit on Health in Situations of Fragility), part of Queen Margaret University, to produce a study app to assess how health care professionals respond to patient encounters. The app presents the user with a vignette, followed by a series of questions, this is then repeated three times.
RUHF, Queen Margaret University
Relevant Skills
UX Design, App development
Establishing the foundations
Before moving into the prototyping stage, mood-boards and wire frames were used to resolve any large issues, this was especially vital due to the limited budget of the client. To ensure the user is not overwhelmed by information the pages were split further from that outlined in the original wireframes.
Clinical and Entirely Unsuggestive
To ensure the app itself didn’t influence the users decisions when answering questions, a consistent colour scheme was used throughout, made up of muted clinical colours.
Minimal use of illustrations were also used to ensure it didn’t bring bias to a certain medical profession, for example a stethoscope is commonly associated with doctors.

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